Networks & Structured Cabling

The installation of structured cabling is the digital backbone of every modern business.

Smart Support Group undertakes the study, installation and certification of cabling,  the installation of Racks in the optimal way and the correct specifications for the use of local network and the further interconnection of devices in all kinds of companies or organizations. 

The use of structured cabling today allows data transfer and voice transmission together rather than separately.

Indicative uses:

Fire safety – fire detection

Security and access control system

Energy control and saving system

Temperature and ventilation control system

Data transfer (Computer Network)

Voice transfer (Telephone – call center)

Image transfer (Digital TV

Smart Support Group, cooperating with leading active equipment manufacturers (Cisco, Mikrotik, Aruba, etc.) analyzes customer needs, proposes and implements the optimal solution that will complete its network infrastructure. 

Smart Support Group is next to the customer, from the purchase of equipment, software to wiring, installation and configuration, providing support at all stages of operation.

Servers: installation and support of Windows Server, Exchange, Linux Servers, Email Servers, File Servers etc.

Networks: Installation, configuration and support of LAN, WAN, VPN, Cisco, Mikrotik, routers, switches etc.

Network security: Install and configure firewall, spam blocking, antivirus, backup, restore.