Cloud PBX

The first step to digital transition.

In the context of digital transformation, a useful tool for businesses is the cloud PBX. Now all businesses, regardless of size, can acquire the advantages of a sophisticated call center with minimal cost, and communicate flexibly like a larger business.

Benefits of
Cloud PBX

The capabilities of the Cloud-PBX are much more than those of an analogue PBX. Depending on the needs of your business, you can customize all these features to enjoy an experience that will take off the quality of your working life!
• Flexible incoming call management
• Manage outgoing calls
• Unlimited simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls
• Unlimited voice channels
• Voicemail Management
• FAX2Mail
• Use your call center outside your business, from wherever you are in the world!
• Video Conference and phone chat with multiple interlocutors (more than three) from different locations
• IVR (Interactive Voice Response), i.e. incoming call management systems through automated telephone messages