Leased lines

The need of every modern business

In the era of Cloud and electronic transactions, the leased line has moved to the forefront of business operation. The use of a leased line serves the wired or wireless link between two or more nodal points anywhere in the world.

The purpose of the leased line, regardless of the medium used (cable, microwave, etc.), is to transfer data, voice and image from one node to one or more others.

Smart Support Group has many years of experience in the study and implementation of point-to-point fiber optic circuits as well as wireless microwave links.

Smart Support Group offers Internet Feed and Layer 2 circuit solutions, where high-speed and reliable internet connectivity is required.

The implementation and delivery times of the circuits are very short, which is due to the high expertise of the company’s engineers, The result of all the above is a service of high standards, which can provide a wide range of speed even in the most inaccessible places.