Smart Support Group


Our goal is to be your first choice for all your information and communication technology needs.

Smart Support Group, for almost two decades, is a leading and reliable partner offering high-level, modern and award-winning communications, IT and information security solutions and services.

The main feature of our company is the immediacy in the relationship with each end customer. Having the appropriate expertise, experience, flexibility, and freshness, we have a highly personalized contact with any business or organization that trusts us.

With the continuous effort of our team to provide the best solution to the customer, to achieve in the best possible way the continuous and uninterrupted operation of his business, we have gained the absolute trust from our clientele, which has given us a leading position in the Greek market of innovative solutions and IT applications.

What sets us apart

The digital transition can take your business to the next level, to achieve this you will need a reliable partner and a reliable consultant by your side. Smart Support Group will help you improve productivity, transform your products, offer future, scalable customized solutions suitable for your company and its goals.

Top team of engineers:

Smart Support Group’s engineers have the appropriate certifications from leading technology companies and with many years of experience in complex project implementations, ensure that our solutions are tailored to the customer. A highly skilled team of industry experts is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Personalized communication & support:

Smart Support ensures the highest level of services, communication both at the planning stage and at the implementation and support stage, is always personalized. Each customer has an open channel of communication directly with the specialized team of engineers of the company, ensuring the smooth operation of his business.

Expertise & trust:

The ability to undertake, implement and support complex and specialized projects have enabled us to actively participate in international projects (private and public sector), with large companies and organizations from a variety of professional sectors.


Strategic partnerships with leading equipment and software manufacturers ensure integrated solutions of high quality and reliability in a wide range of applications.